Annalisa Style is a boutique florist in Tenafly, New Jersey - easily accessible from NYC in the heart of Bergen County. Our specialty is bespoke floral design services for weddings and events, especially of intimate affairs. We also offer residential installations, as well as custom floral gift. Our lush flowers are sure to bring smile to anyone receiving them. We enjoy working closely with each client to bring their inspirations to life, and appreciate being trusted with our knowledge and vision. Feel free to visit our store or contact us. Our retail shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-5:30pm. Appointment is highly recommended for event consultations.


Owner and lead designer Eriko Wadsworth has studied under some of the finest and influential floral designers from New York and Europe. She was first inspired by the flowers at the prestigious Flower School New York in the heart of NYC, followed by a career at a premiere florist in Brooklyn where she honed her skills and the love of flowers grew. She opened her floral studio in Tenafly, New Jersey in 2011 and retail store in 2014. Eriko's lush and elegant flowers along with her personable approach has gained a solid reputation and a growing fan base.



Floral Arrangements

Please add room temperature water to your arrangement upon receipt.
For lasting enjoyment, change water daily and trim stems at a diagonal angle if arrangements came in a water filled vase. If arrangement was created using a foam, please add clean water daily to keep the foam soaked. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts and vents. Flowers will last longer if kept at cooler temperature. Remove any spent flowers as you enjoy them since various flowers have different vase life. You may expect to enjoy your cut flower arrangements for 3-5 days, provided they are properly cared for. 

Orchid Plants

Please give two shot glasses of water to your orchid once every week, avoiding water to pool at the crown of leaves. If your home is very warm or has low humidity you may need to water more often. Poke your finger or a pencil about an inch into the pot. If it feels moist or pencil looks moist, you don't need to add any water until it feels dry to the touch.
Place in a well-lit room, away from direct sun light and drafts. Orchid plants, with proper care, should continue to bloom for a minimum 2 weeks, up to 1-4 months.

Place in bright light and let the soil dry out completely before adding water to your succulents. Indoors this can be about 3 weeks for succulents. Do not let any water stand directly on the leaves or at the roots of these plants.